When we hear the stories of Australia the focus is often on the activities of the men with the women only vaguely described. Included here are the stories of trailblazing women in Australia, some you may already know and others will be new to you. The towns these women helped establish across the Nation are briefly described. Each town and trailblazer have inspired 72 quilt blocks which come together to create an Australian themed quilt which serves as a tangible connection to the places and people remembered here.


How were the women chosen for the book?
Some of the trailblazing described through the stories here is small scale and would not attract much attention these days yet in their time these women were exceptional and the evidence of their influence can be traced through later generations. No attempt has been made here to prioritise the women’s stories. A cross section of women from all aspects of life have been included: a human tapestry strengthened through diversity. Women from right across the country and from many different backgrounds have been included. There are so many more people that could have been included! Most of the information included here about the women is already available to the general public, however the stories seem to be strengthened when they come together and are recognised through the dedicated textile designs.

Where to see the quilt
The Towns & Trailblazers: remembering Australian women, quilt will be on display at the upcoming Australasian Quilt Convention in the beautiful Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building – a fitting venue to display a quilt so heavily influenced by our history. The book can be purchased at AQC from the Reece Scannell store and will also be available at selected quilt stores around Australia. The full size patterns for all the Towns & Trailblazers quilt blocks are included when you purchase the book. If you prefer to purchase the book please head to the purchase page.

How big is the quilt?
The quilt is a 69 inch square and the individual blocks are 6.5 inch square